1.   Much of the learning that takes place in drama does so in periods of reflection when we are given time to consider our actions.

2.   The National Rivers Authority is in negotiations with British Coal on the issue, and is considering legal action, although it is not clear if this would succeed.

3.   The move brought his mouth much too close to hers, and he took advantage of that fact before she had time to even consider evasive action.

4.   They are now considering legal action and the Department of Health is investigating their case.

5.   A NIGHT-WATCHMAN sacked by Cleveland County Council after a New Year beating is considering legal action.

6.   And earlier this week, a group of lawyers representing sufferers in Scotland, England and Wales, met to consider court action.

7.   The Commission said this was insufficient and is considering court action.

8.   Ambassador Albright immediately denounced Nigeria, whose delegate was at the meeting, and she proposed that the Security Council consider punitive action.

9.   Amos had originally filed an assault report with Minneapolis police and was considering legal action.

v. + action >>共 497
take 38.73%
see 3.24%
threaten 2.57%
face 1.92%
consider 1.87%
defend 1.71%
demand 1.44%
plan 1.01%
delay 0.98%
await 0.94%
consider + n. >>共 1200
option 2.65%
possibility 2.40%
proposal 2.04%
case 1.98%
action 1.95%
appeal 1.95%
request 1.95%
issue 1.57%
change 1.49%
bill 1.33%
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