1.   The Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team reportedly is considering a move to one of several cities, including Orlando.

2.   He lit it with the air of a man considering big moves in the Irish tobacco market.

3.   Court action is being taken against the Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre, and a similar move is being considered against its Edinburgh counterpart.

4.   Such a move was considered by the government but rejected after protests from the tourist industry and local people.

5.   He announced he was considering the move in September and yesterday confirmed the details.

6.   And Larry Bird must be part of the Boston management team for him to even consider the move.

7.   Arbess said Stratton is cutting costs and considering a move from its refurbished offices in relatively expensive central Prague.

8.   Aufzien, who is chief executive officer of the Nets, would not confirm or deny that the move was being considered.

v. + move >>共 719
make 20.90%
oppose 4.53%
welcome 3.71%
see 3.66%
announce 2.74%
support 2.63%
aim 2.20%
block 1.85%
criticize 1.61%
consider 1.56%
consider + n. >>共 1200
option 2.65%
possibility 2.40%
proposal 2.04%
case 1.98%
action 1.95%
appeal 1.95%
request 1.95%
issue 1.57%
change 1.49%
bill 1.33%
move 0.89%
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