1.   He was also reportedly considering several offers from private businesses.

2.   I urge you to seriously consider this offer and to ensure that you reply before the closing date.

3.   She cocked her head and considered the offer.

4.   We will have to consider your offer carefully.

5.   French side St. Etienne have also been linked with Rosenthal, who will consider all offers this summer.

6.   The offer is being considered by the Office of Fair Trading.

7.   Allmerica Property formed a committee of independent directors to consider the offer.

8.   An aide to Lieberman said Friday night that the senator was observing the Jewish holiday of Shavuot and had not yet considered the offer from the White House.

9.   And three weeks ago, when Phil Simms was considering an offer from the Arizona Cardinals, he phoned Parcells.

10.   Anderson, sources said, is considering offers from the Pacers, Spurs and Clippers, in addition to the Jazz and Rockets.

v. + offer >>共 474
make 15.69%
reject 14.52%
accept 10.90%
receive 4.09%
refuse 3.59%
match 3.15%
decline 3.08%
have 2.85%
consider 2.46%
withdraw 2.26%
consider + n. >>共 1200
option 2.65%
possibility 2.40%
proposal 2.04%
case 1.98%
action 1.95%
appeal 1.95%
request 1.95%
issue 1.57%
change 1.49%
bill 1.33%
offer 1.24%
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