1.   After considering his options, Henderson left Tandem in March for another job.

2.   Bill paused to consider his options.

3.   If this does not occur, then revert to the normal diet and consider other options.

4.   Leicester Building Society has said it is considering options but has made no Decision.

5.   Other building societies said they were considering their options and would issue statements later today.

6.   The council was considering several options outlined by City Attorney Glenn Sabine.

7.   The fuel pump gave out and left us sitting by the side of the road in the heat to consider our options.

8.   The strength of opposition to calls for a working party to consider the options for electoral reform delighted the party leadership.

9.   Before you reinvest, consider your options carefully.

v. + option >>共 490
have 31.90%
consider 6.27%
exercise 5.64%
explore 3.89%
discuss 2.73%
offer 2.43%
use 2.37%
give 2.24%
review 1.35%
buy 1.30%
consider + n. >>共 1200
option 2.65%
possibility 2.40%
proposal 2.04%
case 1.98%
action 1.95%
appeal 1.95%
request 1.95%
issue 1.57%
change 1.49%
bill 1.33%
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