1.   As yet there has been little research considering early retirement among women and its social meaning and impact.

2.   An onslaught of foot injuries had McGwire seriously considering retirement just four years ago.

3.   After considering retirement, Kersey landed in Seattle.

4.   Akers also struggled to regain her energy after the World Cup and even considered retirement in early April.

5.   But Aikman is still being asked by people close to him to strongly consider retirement.

6.   But, despite his recent heart surgery, he offers no indication that he might consider retirement.

7.   Companies like Quaker Oats and GTE have retained senior executives considering retirement by assigning them to foreign offices.

8.   Davidson said Gretzky was unaware of how intense the coverage would become once fans and the news media learned he was considering retirement.

9.   Delahoussaye said that since the start of the year, he has been seriously considering retirement.

10.   Dick Haley, who runs the college draft, is believed to be considering retirement.

v. + retirement >>共 160
announce 37.46%
take 8.38%
consider 8.17%
contemplate 5.77%
near 3.24%
follow 3.17%
enjoy 1.97%
approach 1.34%
force 1.27%
postpone 1.20%
consider + n. >>共 1200
option 2.65%
possibility 2.40%
proposal 2.04%
case 1.98%
action 1.95%
appeal 1.95%
request 1.95%
issue 1.57%
change 1.49%
bill 1.33%
retirement 0.78%
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