1.   All that being said, I have every hope that our Church will embrace the request to consider the Covenant.

2.   Instead consider a measured approach to selecting a lawyer.

3.   Instead consider airport shuttle services.

4.   Instead consider sorting on the backend and not using the datagrid.

5.   Instead of a block, consider getting a magnetic strip that mounts on the wall.

6.   Instead of a long dress, consider a short prom dress which will show off your fabulous legs and shoes.

7.   Instead of adult cars, consider dropping this coverage, since coverage is normally restricted to the notes estimate of your car.

8.   Instead of all floral centerpieces consider intermixing fruits such as bananas, pineapples, mangos, grapes, and peaches.

9.   Instead of arguing for or against this or that position, let us consider what the translators themselves have to say.

10.   Instead of assuming that every single person around you is wrong, why not consider that the critiques of your work might have merit?

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