1.   Any suitor for Warner-Lambert and American Home must also consider potential liabilities, such as those American Home faces regarding the diet drug fen-phen.

2.   Deputy President Thabo Mbeki said the Cabinet had given them a standing ovation after the "very moving" testimony and would consider the request for funds.

3.   Dennehy is one of many actors of national stature who consider Chicago, and especially the Goodman and Steppenwolf companies, to be ideal places to work.

4.   Denver coach Mike Shanahan said he would consider Crouch as a combination player.

5.   Definitions vary, but most investors consider stocks with market-caps below $1 billion as small-caps.

6.   Cuban said he also won't consider hiring another IU alumni, Quinn Buckner, as the Mavericks coach.

7.   DeLay has been urging Congress to consider impeaching federal judges whose decisions he dislikes.

8.   Culture clash may have frustrated Dial and prompted her to consider other options, they speculate.

9.   Depending on the nature of your crime, some places absolutely will not consider you.

10.   Depending upon the recipe, consider Italian-style flatbreads, flaky biscuits, rustic country breads, cornbread or toasted pita triangles and tortillas.

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