1.   #MartialArts - @user36802 what qualities do pushups create that one may consider "wrong?"

2.   beezies should consider stepping away from dick they wish they had.

3.   Before you lecture anyone on running Ohio off a cliff, you might consider a little bit of reality: -URL-

4.   Before you tweet, consider the fact that you're writing your own autobiography.

5.   Belle is in NO WAY neglected, especially when you consider that Lucy's "extra attention" is vet visits and LOTS'o'medications.

6.   Better consider the level of excitement that would create for @user100259.

7.   Biking & what's a sport w/out new bling to consider.

8.   black folks got they priorities twisted...smh...how cud ppl even CONSIDER giving him a holiday when the first blk pres aint evn got 1.

9.   Book,no :P Album,I'll consider it,lol!

10.   btw, I consider your tennis fandom a betrayal of our mutual lifelong disinterest in sports.

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