1.   A particularly important division is between those who regard sexist language as a symptom and those who regard it as a cause.

2.   Brailsford and Beach adopt a general view, regarding electronic publishing as the use of computer science and electronics to present information.

3.   Enforceability Though the agencies do not regard standards as strict limits, their enforceability is important.

4.   Gardeners occasionally regard shade as an evil to be avoided at all costs.

5.   He regarded her plans as romantic moonshine.

6.   I got the impression he regarded his editorship as the high point of his life.

7.   Instrumentalists regard administrative elites as simply functionaries who make policy according to the rational interests of the capitalist class.

8.   Most firms regarded the cost as low and confined mainly to power used for pumping and to maintenance.

9.   Some criminals now regard churches as easy targets.

10.   Some doctors still regard menopause as a malady.

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see 5.60%
describe 3.00%
identify 2.31%
take 2.16%
have 2.00%
view 1.97%
be 1.39%
make 1.38%
regard 1.27%
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