91.  A glance around the London hotel scene shows examples of plenty of exceptional women who have made it to general management.

92.  A glance at the map made Charles pretty sure that that gun was now in the Thames.

93.  A glance at the provisions of the Convention makes interesting reading.

94.  A good frame-maker can keep you from making costly mistakes, says Gelay, such as putting Plexiglas over charcoal.

95.  A good interviewer will try to make you feel at ease.

96.  A good mind and a warm heart can be made impotent if there is no commitment.

97.  A good polish reviver can be made by mixing equal parts of raw linseed oil, substitute turps and vinegar.

98.  A good quality under-felt is essential to prolong the life of your carpet and make it more comfortable to walk on.

99.  A good varied diet and suitable water conditions are essential to make the best of this beautiful fish.

100.  A government commission is now investigating how these billions were made.

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