11.  A capacity for burying problems made royal commissions and the like instantly attractive to politicians besieged by one knotty issue or another.

12.  A careful note should be made against any sub-contractor used by the builder who subsequently proved to be unsatisfactory.

13.  A cart was making its way up the hill.

14.  A case can be made for both its constitutional propriety and its administrative efficiency.

15.  A case has to be made, therefore, for seasonally adjusting the monthly figures and for excluding school-leavers.

16.  A casserole makes a basic but filling meal.

17.  A casual glance would have made it seem that her expression was stiff with anger.

18.  A celibate period followed, he says, before he started making out with men.

19.  A Charter of Rights for Employees, including making it unlawful to dismiss an employee for industrial action.

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