21.  A clause in the contract states when payment must be made.

22.  A climate of mistrust arises that, once in place, makes it more likely that the issues become undiscussable.

23.  A close-fitting threshold makes an additional seal.

24.  A coal fire made the room stuffy, the way he liked it.

25.  A coarse cloth was made from the local wool.

26.  A coating of butter or water soluble barrier film prevents oxidisation and makes subsequent soil removal easier.

27.  A cold grey light made its way round the corners of the curtains and trickled into the room.

28.  A collection of these tags makes up a style sheet and, together with the skeleton document, are saved as a template.

29.  A combination of history, tradition and resources makes it possible for the cathedral to set high standards, musically as well as liturgically.

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