41.  A convention of about thirteen blue jays flew over, chattering and making all sorts of weird calls.

42.  A crash programme was needed to make dyes even for Army uniforms.

43.  A dashboard-mounted lever allows the driver to make easy direction changes.

44.  A date book would make a great gift, except that a lot of people already have one.

45.  A daughter, shunned by her stepmother and stepsisters, managed to make it to the ball with the help of magic.

46.  A deal was made, but apparently nothing was ever put in writing.

47.  A Decade later, however, Calvinism appeared on the scene to make an already complicated matter more so.

48.  A Decade later, parallel experiments were made with the isolated cells in culture, with similar results.

49.  A Deceitful day that makes one think of lilacs and daffodils, before blasting you with another cannonade of winter.

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