51.  A Decision about removing a child from its parents is made on the balance of probabilities.

52.  A Decision is made only on the balance of probabilities.

53.  A Decision obviously had to be made as to which of these missions should be given precedence.

54.  A Decision on whether to fund the project will be made next spring, as commissioners revise long-term plans.

55.  A Decision was made that the delivery should be by Caesarean section.

56.  A deer makes tracks in the snow.

57.  A delicacy made from fried chicken skin and other assorted leavings.

58.  A deluge of medals somehow makes the effort look more meaningful, no matter how little valor accompanies it.

59.  A depreciation of the dollar would make US exports cheaper and especially so in Japan.

60.  A downtown establishment has always made for satisfying target practice.

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