61.  A dummy made of a diving suit, sitting in a wheelchair and wrapped with cloth was stuck with safety pins.

62.  A duplicate copy should be made for the county record office.

63.  A fairly neutral background will make any small splash of colour sing out with particular vibrancy and significance.

64.  A fall in bond yields, which move inversely to bond prices, make stocks a more attractive investment compared with bonds.

65.  A fall in donations has forced the charity to make cutbacks.

66.  A family of birds made their home under the roof.

67.  A few hours of your time can make the Fund a fortune so please phone Jane Milligan.

68.  A few knots and tangles made her less ethereal, as did a streak of blood across the perfect chin.

69.  A few leaves of crisp, cool romaine would make a good addition.

70.  A few ounces can make a tremendous difference.

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