81.  A freezer and microwave oven can make light work of cooking.

82.  A fresh blanket of snow makes it difficult to see exactly how wide a swath the Merced and its feeder creeks cut.

83.  A friend from a faraway city was visiting, and she Decided to make jam.

84.  A friend from Alabama never made chili without okra, and her chili was legendary.

85.  A friend of his father said he could get Isaac a job making cooking pots in Ivory Coast.

86.  A further announcement will be made in the near future.

87.  A further indication of the skill and care with which the arrangements were made was our accommodation for the night.

88.  A gay, black female singer would never make it.

89.  A gerbil would have struggled to make it out alive.

90.  A girder is a beam that supports other beams or is made up of separate beams joined together.

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