1.  there just 2 farms and more less woodes, maybe we can lisen the cring of the farm.

2.  the village had a great development in rencent ytears, and we believe the furtue of this village will be more beautiful!

3.  I had recognized her from far away because of her very eye-catching bright yellow vest and red-hot pants.

4.  In my mind, Americans are plump, outgoing and always trying to be different, especially the young people.

5.  Seemingly she feared these little insects and her whole face huddled together which showed much pain to me.

6.  I patted her arm and back!

7.  We talked a lot about school, family and future.

8.  After a few days together, Rachel turned out to be a very gentle and quiet girl who was the kind of person I like.

9.  We should hang on and judge practically through further acquaintance.

10.  We always hold the opinion that boys in Departments like Physics and Mathematics should be pedantic and bookish.

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