1.  In 1780, there are have a river through the village as well as four farms.

2.  In my mind, Americans are plump, outgoing and always trying to be different, especially the young people.

3.  " I cried in my mind, "Westerners don't like intimate touch with people whom they are not familiar with.

4.  We are "we" even though she is American.

5.  As far as I am concerned, people are unpredictable so it is not wise to prejudge people.

6.  Besides, they never care too much about their appearance so they are slovenly for most of the time.

7.  I think that there are lots of stereotyping happening on campus, but two stories made me puzzled and impressionistic.

8.  There are 2 lines for people waiting it.

9.  The professors thought that they are the elite so they can do it by themselves.

10.  Later on, I discover that in every top university there are large numbers of workaholic.

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