1.  Any pesticide is by definition a poison and can be dangerous if the directions on the label are not followed to the letter.

2.  DEFENSIVE LINE _ Marc Matock's broken ankle will be a big loss since the Trojans are weakest at tackle.

3.  Defensive lineman Aaron Williams (sore Achilles') and safety DeShaun Hill (foot) are possible.

4.  Defensive lineman Jason Nicastro, defensive back Travis Campbell, linebacker Cos Abercrombie, offensive lineman Keith Kincaid and receiver Jamaal Perry are expected to miss practice all week.

5.  Defensive linemen are more massive than ever and possess unbelievable quickness.

6.  Defensive linemen are pretty good.

7.  Defensive linemen Charles Haley (right calf strain), Leon Lett (right ankle) and Russell Maryland (right ankle sprain) are doubtful.

8.  Defensive linemen Ryan Nielsen, Matt Childers, Lonnie Ford and Shamsud-Din Abdul-Shaheed are all exceeding expectations this season.

9.  Defensive measures are also part of the answer.

10.  Defensive partners are expected to be Berg and Rob Blake; Darryl Sydor and Sean O'Donnell; and Denis Tsygurov and Marty McSorley.

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