1.  The first time I met Rachel, she was looking around at the school gate.

2.  I met Li Juan, a senior of our department, at a conversation for freshmen and senior students.

3.  At the party, she wore white long silk dress with light blue flowers on the lap of it, with her brown curly long hair touching her shoulders, which perfectly showed her elegance and beauty.

4.  The second time when I met her, she was dancing at a farewell party.

5.  I was shocked by the people in class at first because there were only 5 boys there.

6.  The viewpoint that the university is the heaven of entertainment sprang up at the end of the last century, and is still popular nowadays.

7.  At first, I regarded her to be pretending, but as time flew, she never changed this habit.

8.  One day, I couldn't help asking her why she did that, she told me that, " When I entered the university at the very start, I thought it was time for me to relax.

9.  I studied until 11.00 at night and was considered to be diligent.

10.  At the same period, many scientists did numerous similar researches and discover the No. 10 Effect.

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