31.  Any piece of art could be viewed as subversive."

32.  Any piece of art with a flag in it is going to generate some kind of response, mostly because the flag itself is art.

33.  Defensive linemen Marvin Washington and Erik Howard each were hit with $12,000 fines for their actions last Sunday against the Rams.

34.  Defensive measures are also part of the answer.

35.  Defensive midfielder Brian Maisonneuve, who has played solidly in recent weeks, was also scratched against Scotland because of a wrenched ankle.

36.  Defensive MVP: Strong safety Troy Polamalu is off to a strong start.

37.  Defensive partners are expected to be Berg and Rob Blake; Darryl Sydor and Sean O'Donnell; and Denis Tsygurov and Marty McSorley.

38.  Defensive Player of the Year: If Robinson is dethroned as MVP, let him have this one, for his ability to be everywhere at once.

39.  Defensive Player of Year Leading candidates: Seattle's Payton, Atlanta's Dikembe Mutombo, Miami's Mourning and the Suns' Clifford Robinson.

40.  Defensive players have been told not to start publicly ripping into their offensive teammates.

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