1.  It was Li Juan, a brilliant senior student who had been admitted by University of Cambridge, that introduced her experience of applying for the famous university and how to study effectively.

2.  I am a student major in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language so it is quite essential to make advantage of stereotyping instead of being obstructed by it, which, I believe, would bring me more surprise when teaching.

3.  Just like the firtst bus, the second one was going to be full by professors.

4.  The professors thought that they are the elite so they can do it by themselves.

5.  I was shocked by the people in class at first because there were only 5 boys there.

6.  Nevertheless, I hope we will advance with the times, only by this means can we really enjoy ourselves in campus life.

7.  However, this proposal didn't be accepted by faculties.

8.  Actually, if one person buries himself/herself in some subjects, such as science or social science, he/she may be influence by what he/she learns to some degree.

9.  Subjects can influence the characters, but the characters are not created by subjects.

10.  The other stereotyping I notice is that students are more or less told by someone to hold two or more posts currently as soon as they enter university.

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