1.  All this should be done, Daleo wrote, by the end of the month, before the Supreme Court would recess.

2.  Any pesky suits, the court said, could be handled by the president's lawyers without much distracting the president.

3.  Any pesticide is by definition a poison and can be dangerous if the directions on the label are not followed to the letter.

4.  Defensive lineB-Sacks by Stephen Sua, Anthony Fletcher and Sean Phillips tripled this unit's total in first four games.

5.  Defensive lineman Larry Smith was suspended by Coughlin for giving center Jeff Smith a fat lip in the locker room.

6.  Defensive positioning _ similar to but smaller than the moves made last year by Fidelity's flagship fund, Fidelity Magellan _ accounts for the lag.

7.  Defensive tackle Aaron Williams has been bothered by a strained Achilles' tendon but is expected to return to practice before the Sun Bowl.

8.  Defensive tackle Christian Peter also left the team as a free agent, but he was expected to be replaced by the second-year tackle Cornelius Griffin.

9.  Defensive tackle Mark Wheeler relishes the shade cast by the mighty Henry Thomas.

10.  Defensively, his presence in the lane limits almost all penetration by the opponent.

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