1.  Besides, they never care too much about their appearance so they are slovenly for most of the time.

2.  I met Li Juan, a senior of our department, at a conversation for freshmen and senior students.

3.  It was Li Juan, a brilliant senior student who had been admitted by University of Cambridge, that introduced her experience of applying for the famous university and how to study effectively.

4.  So it was not so hard for me to fix the image of Li Juan and believe that she must be a traditional Chinese girl who was beautiful, quiet and clever.

5.  It was just stereotype and most generalizations were not suitable for every case.

6.  It was absolutely a huge surprise for me when I saw her doing Hip-pop Dancing with great passion, wearing white sleeveless garment and black miniskirt.

7.  So staying Gulou could be easier for me to do things of mine.

8.  I can not take the subway or I have to late for the lessons.

9.  There are 2 lines for people waiting it.

10.  One is for professors and the other one is for students.

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