1.  Defensively, I really like him.

2.  Defensively, I think I have fared pretty well against guys like Glen Rice, Grant Hill, Glenn Robinson.

3.  Defensively, I think we proved we can get pressure on the quarterback.

4.  Defensively, I think we're a lot better."

5.  Defensively, I've got to guard a lot of those little quick guys, and that is hard work.

6.  Denneny said: "That's what I think happened in that book."

7.  Dennis and I have been making those shots all year.

8.  Dennis Conner's allegedly dubbing us the "lesbo boat" seems to me only a revelation of insecurity.

9.  Dennis loves to play basketball, and I think that for our team is going to be a very helpful aspect."

10.  Dennis Moore, the deputy managing editor of the paper's Life section, where King's column appears each Monday, wasn't laughing when I spoke to him.

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