1.  Although few analysts calculate earnings for Saab Auto because its shares aren't traded, shares in Investor traded at 238.5 kronor, unchanged from yesterday.

2.  Although his strumming hand was mangled in a factory accident years before, he played a decent rhythm guitar.

3.  Defensive line coach Bill Kollar, who in 1996 granted Dronett's wish and released him, said the key is that Dronett keeps his center of gravity down.

4.  Defensive line coach Earl Leggett also stayed in bed.

5.  Defensive line coach John Blake did that late in the first half against the Packers.

6.  Defensive line coach Odell Haggins hopes the strength comes in numbers this season.

7.  Defensive line: When Chad Eaton plays well in the middle, it creates opportunities for the linebackers.

8.  Defensive lineB-Sacks by Stephen Sua, Anthony Fletcher and Sean Phillips tripled this unit's total in first four games.

9.  Defensive lineman Carl Simpson,who suffered a hip injury in the crash, could be cleared to return to practice this week.

10.  Defensive lineman Derrick Burgess continues to struggle with tendon problems in his knee.

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