1.  Any pesticide is by definition a poison and can be dangerous if the directions on the label are not followed to the letter.

2.  Any phone company that puts loyalty above flexibility is destined for the morgue.

3.  Any photographic print starts fading and changing in almost imperceptible ways the day it is made.

4.  Defensive line coach Bill Kollar, who in 1996 granted Dronett's wish and released him, said the key is that Dronett keeps his center of gravity down.

5.  Defensive line coach John Blake said stopping Heyward and the running game is as important as slowing down the Falcons' passing game.

6.  Defensive lineman Daniel Pryor of Compton College has not met the necessary entrance requirements and is not expected to enroll for the fall semester.

7.  Defensive lineman Kenyon Coleman is the most-impressive freshman and will play.

8.  Defensive lineman Mike Frier is paralyzed in an auto accident near Seahawks headquarters in Kirkland that involves Warren and teammate Lamar Smith.

9.  Defensive lineman Mike Reid (1969) is a Grammy Award-winning songwriter.

10.  Defensive lineman Ray Tago of Long Beach Poly High might not be allowed to attend USC because his SAT score is under review.

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