1.  A balance is possible for both music and speech and the right adjustment will make a noticeable difference.

2.  A Barclays Deposit Account is designed to make savings simple, convenient and safe.

3.  A bird that thought so and Decided to make a meal of it would quickly die.

4.  A combination of impeccable service, lavishly Decorated public rooms and fine cuisine make the St. Francis a landmark in itself.

5.  A company can make a bundle by selling unwanted property.

6.  A complete range of enquiry services is available to personal callers - the variety is so large as to make description impossible.

7.  A consensus has long existed to make health insurance portable and to assure some coverage for people with existing health problems.

8.  A convertible drove by, but it was white and a different make.

9.  A crash programme was needed to make dyes even for Army uniforms.

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