1.  Although his subjects may not see it _ and, indeed, many did not _ he sees it.

2.  Any pesticide is by definition a poison and can be dangerous if the directions on the label are not followed to the letter.

3.  Defensive line coach Floyd Peters expects fierce competition, though not necessarily sophisticated competition.

4.  Defensive lineman Daniel Pryor of Compton College has not met the necessary entrance requirements and is not expected to enroll for the fall semester.

5.  Defensive lineman Ray Tago of Long Beach Poly High might not be allowed to attend USC because his SAT score is under review.

6.  Defensive players have been told not to start publicly ripping into their offensive teammates.

7.  Defensive tackle and captain Pete Holland will not play because of a disc injury to his lower back.

8.  Defensive tackle Dana Stubblefield left the game in the first quarter because of the flu and did not return.

9.  Defensive tackle Henry Thomas, who has a sprained ankle, did not practice all week, and is doubtful.

10.  Defensive tackle Ryan Nielsen of Simi Valley Royal High (back spasms) did not practice all week but is expected to play.

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