1.  All this should be done, Daleo wrote, by the end of the month, before the Supreme Court would recess.

2.  Although he threw only 11 passes asCade McNown's backup, his athleticism and knowledge of the offense made the difference.

3.  Defensive inconsistency, the soul of strong March teams, was cited, as was team discipline and mental toughness.

4.  Defensive lapses had exposed him to numerous dangerous shots, so perhaps Campbell thought a change of goalies might help his players renew their commitment to defense.

5.  Defensive line coach John Blake left at the end of the regular season to take the head coaching job at the University of Oklahoma.

6.  DEFENSIVE LINE: A big part of stopping Weber State's leading rusher, Morgan Welch (61 yards), goes to this often-maligned group.

7.  Defensive lineman Daniel Pryor of Compton College has not met the necessary entrance requirements and is not expected to enroll for the fall semester.

8.  Defensive lineman Ennis Davis of Reseda plays at the most-experienced position on the team.

9.  Defensive lineman Henry Thomas gave it some thought, then mowed the notion down like a patch of tall weeds beneath a John Deere.

10.  Defensive lineman Ray Tago of Long Beach Poly High might not be allowed to attend USC because his SAT score is under review.

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