1.  Any pesticide is by definition a poison and can be dangerous if the directions on the label are not followed to the letter.

2.  Any pitcher can beat a team on any given night."

3.  Any pitcher who throws to first more than three times while attempting to hold a runner on base will be shot.

4.  DEFENSIVE LINE: Tony Casillas returns from Dallas on Monday to continue rehabilitation after back surgery and will miss at least one more month.

5.  Defensive lineman Ennis Davis of Reseda plays at the most-experienced position on the team.

6.  Defensive lineman have a direct bearing on the game."

7.  Defensive slipups and costly home runs have eroded some of the Giants' confidence, on the eve of their biggest series of the season.

8.  Defensive survival would seem to depend on when those two step on the field again.

9.  Defensive tackle Chad Hennings was in on 54 snaps against the Saints, an unusually high number.

10.  Defensive tackle Eric Swann, also recovering from knee surgery, will remain on crutches for at least another month.

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