1.  Any place or anything that sparks an image that lends itself to translation into clothing.

2.  Any place the pipe is near a board or goes through an opening, the movement can cause the pipe to strike, leading to a knocking sound.

3.  Any player sitting beside him or practicing beside him definitely has to look at him.

4.  Any player who eagles the 18th during the final round receives one free round-trip business-class ticket from the U.S. to Tokyo or Osaka, Japan.

5.  Any player who is down after losing a game or two should talk to Prairie View's Michael Porter.

6.  Defensively, he is not as agile laterally or getting back on transition.

7.  Defensively, they have only allowed 19 goals, and two or fewer in nine of the 11.

8.  Defensively, we didn't have that many changes (in personnel) or injuries.

9.  Deputy District Attorney Sally Thomas, who is handling the case, declined to comment on whether the men will be charged or when a decision will be reached.

10.  Deputy Inspector Joseph Reznick of the Manhattan North detective bureau said that there was no evidence, to this point, of any foul play or criminality.

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