1.  I reached out to help her drive them away, but right after that I regretted.

2.  After that, I started to talk with her as with a teenage girl.

3.  The harmonious atmosphere made me feel that it was totally wrong that I prejudged her as a shallow girl.

4.  I didn't expect that I would like her so much.

5.  We always hold the opinion that boys in Departments like Physics and Mathematics should be pedantic and bookish.

6.  It was Li Juan, a brilliant senior student who had been admitted by University of Cambridge, that introduced her experience of applying for the famous university and how to study effectively.

7.  So it was not so hard for me to fix the image of Li Juan and believe that she must be a traditional Chinese girl who was beautiful, quiet and clever.

8.  I was even shocked then with my mouth and eyes widely open because I just couldn't imagine that a "gentle and quiet" girl could dance so enthusiastically before.

9.  Considering my own experience, now I begin to believe that everyone could be surprisingly versatile and unique.

10.  I think that there are lots of stereotyping happening on campus, but two stories made me puzzled and impressionistic.

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