41.  I clearly remember that I was on the edge of crumbling when I went to Mt Zhang, who is both a teacher and a friend of mine.

42.  He told me that I was not far from "paradise", which dragged desperation out of me.

43.  Whence I was stamped with an image in which no homework bothers me and no people push me that hard.

44.  Notwithstanding the fact that I did have far more time for myself, I dared not wasting it after I went to Nanjing University, for many students are superior to me in so many aspects.

45.  Despite the stereotyping that most stereotyping is harmless, we have to be grateful to this one, for the hope it offers.

46.  The other stereotyping I notice is that students are more or less told by someone to hold two or more posts currently as soon as they enter university.

47.  Bai observed that freshmen or sophomores had better focus on study since they don't have clear orientations for future.

48.  In NJU, this kind of stereotyping is not that serious, mainly because NJU is really academic.

49.  Every year there are some students whose life is not that wealthy.

50.  When hearing of this, most of them just turned to me and asked in a skeptical tone, "Are you going to do that? "

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