61.  One of the stereotypes is that the life is leisurely and carefree in university.

62.  The life that we do not have to get up early at morning.

63.  The life that we can live independently.

64.  We commonly prejudge that arts students as lacking in mathematical ability, profession skills and illogical which generalize as girls' characters.

65.  The proportion of girls and boys in different majors shows that stereotypes influence people's choice.

66.  For example, many of college students take the stereotype for granted that students from departments of natural science or social science make a difference.

67.  The most unbearable but common characteristic of them is that they don't read anything to make up for their lacking experience of appreciating the beauty of liberal arts.

68.  Some students from departments of Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry are too concentrated and devoted to the experiments and calculations that they barely forget the world around them besides laboratories and classrooms.

69.  And many students learning liberal arts are fans of Shakespeare or Xueqin Cao, and so fascinated that they can hardly avoid talking about those tragedies written by them, which may be understood as complaining and nagging.

70.  In that sense, the judgment of the behaviors of the two sides is beyond controversy.

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