1.  Any phone company that puts loyalty above flexibility is destined for the morgue.

2.  Any pint that tests positive is withdrawn before it can pollute the blood supply.

3.  Any place or anything that sparks an image that lends itself to translation into clothing.

4.  Defensive line coach Bill Kollar, who in 1996 granted Dronett's wish and released him, said the key is that Dronett keeps his center of gravity down.

5.  Defensive line coach John Blake did that late in the first half against the Packers.

6.  Defensive line coach John Blake said Lett told him that he would miss practice but didn't say why.

7.  Defensive lineman Mike Frier is paralyzed in an auto accident near Seahawks headquarters in Kirkland that involves Warren and teammate Lamar Smith.

8.  Defensive pessimists, the researchers found, did well in the game when they prepared using imagery that mimicked their preferred coping style.

9.  Defensive stocks _ those that hold up well in weak markets _ is a standard answer.

10.  Defensive tackle Leon Lett spoke briefly to the news media while his teammates meowed behind him, stunned that the normally reclusive Big Cat was going public.

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