1.  In 1780, there are have a river through the village as well as four farms.

2.  Woods around the farm, bring the village the song of beautiful.

3.  In 1860, a great changes have in the smlle village.

4.  there just 2 farms and more less woodes, maybe we can lisen the cring of the farm.

5.  The new brighe thourgh the river.

6.  Until 2000, there more changes in this smll town, there more roads besides thourgh the different villages.

7.  also a lake in the town.

8.  the village had a great development in rencent ytears, and we believe the furtue of this village will be more beautiful!

9.  When I met a person in the first time, I usually unconsciously prejudge him in accordance with my common knowledge.

10.  The first time I met Rachel, she was looking around at the school gate.

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