1.  Until 2000, there more changes in this smll town, there more roads besides thourgh the different villages.

2.  the village had a great development in rencent ytears, and we believe the furtue of this village will be more beautiful!

3.  However, when I came closer, I found this American girl was very slim!

4.  Obviously, she was more than interested in this topic because she was starting to complain about the hotness.

5.  Seemingly she feared these little insects and her whole face huddled together which showed much pain to me.

6.  I think that these two stories of stereotyping happening happen in most of the universities, right?

7.  I'll briefly analyze this phenomenon from three aspects in the following part.

8.  At first, I regarded her to be pretending, but as time flew, she never changed this habit.

9.  An epigram of Harvard goes that, " This moment will nap, you will have a dream; But this moment study, you will interpret a dream".

10.  This phenomenon is universal in campus.

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