1.  All this because of bleached-out skies and wispy, worthless clouds.

2.  All this should be done, Daleo wrote, by the end of the month, before the Supreme Court would recess.

3.  Defensive line coach Odell Haggins hopes the strength comes in numbers this season.

4.  DEFENSIVE LINE: A big part of stopping Weber State's leading rusher, Morgan Welch (61 yards), goes to this often-maligned group.

5.  Defensive lineB-Sacks by Stephen Sua, Anthony Fletcher and Sean Phillips tripled this unit's total in first four games.

6.  Defensive lineman Carl Simpson,who suffered a hip injury in the crash, could be cleared to return to practice this week.

7.  Defensive linemen Ryan Nielsen, Matt Childers, Lonnie Ford and Shamsud-Din Abdul-Shaheed are all exceeding expectations this season.

8.  Defensive Player of the Year Phoenix forward Clifford Robinson should get consideration for this award.

9.  Defensive Player of the Year: If Robinson is dethroned as MVP, let him have this one, for his ability to be everywhere at once.

10.  DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Someone has suggested we change this to Offensive Player of the Year given the dearth of scoring.

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