1.  She is an American girl from Denver who comes here to learn Chinese.

2.  In my mind, Americans are plump, outgoing and always trying to be different, especially the young people.

3.  She had the figure which I am dying to own!

4.  It differed from what I used to think.

5.  Oh, hopefully she was as enthusiastic as I used to think.

6.  "No privates. ", I told myself to avoid all possibly sensitive topics, so I talked about the weather.

7.  Obviously, she was more than interested in this topic because she was starting to complain about the hotness.

8.  There were many small bugs flying to her because of her yellow coat.

9.  Seemingly she feared these little insects and her whole face huddled together which showed much pain to me.

10.  I reached out to help her drive them away, but right after that I regretted.

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