1.  So you can imagine how many people use the subway in the rush hour.

2.  An epigram of Harvard goes that, " This moment will nap, you will have a dream; But this moment study, you will interpret a dream".

3.  Let me share with you.

4.  When hearing of this, most of them just turned to me and asked in a skeptical tone, "Are you going to do that? "

5.  They firstly sighed about my outstanding performance in accordance with my department "traits" and then expressed their concern in euphemistic ways, "how were you about to balance study and after-class activities in the following term with more subjects? ", "are you willing to skip class if necessary? ", "will your long-time curriculum affect your attendance in our organization? "

6.  One more essential, you are able and must to get at least one relationship with a boy.

7.  If you judge him with the criterion I have mentioned above, he must be a classic Arts student right?

8.  If you take a look at my roommates, two of them seldom or never read any classics, and they are best at Mathematics and Accounting.

9.  But if you replace the books with a literal one, I believe they will drowse in no time.

10.  How much do you know about him?

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