be angry at 31.73   But am I angry at him?
  be angry with 19.88   I was angry with her.
  be angry about 19.49   I was angry about it.
  be angry over 9.68   He said he was angry over the incident.
  be angry after 1.18   The Germans were angry after narrowly missing victory.
  be angry for 0.66   He was angry for weeks.
  be angry than 0.66   She was more angry than scared.
  be angry as 0.46   I was as angry as hell.
  be angry in 0.46   She had never been this angry in her life.
  be angry on 0.39   They are angry on her behalf.
  be angry because_of 0.26   He was angry because of their arriving late.
  be angry to 0.26   They were angry to the point of erupting into riot.
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