consider option 26.00   Consider the options.
  consider possibility 23.57   Consider this possibility.
  consider proposal 20.01   We shall consider their proposals carefully.
  consider case 19.42   Consider the case of Korea.
  consider action 19.16   Consider action on Medicare.
  consider appeal 19.09   He is considering an appeal.
  consider request 19.09   It considered your request,
  consider issue 15.40   Consider the issue of impeachment.
  consider change 14.61   Now he must consider some changes.
  consider bill 13.03   The Senate must now consider the bill.
  consider legislation 12.24   Connecticut is considering similar legislation.
  consider offer 12.18   Both are considering the offer.
  consider measure 10.80   Others are considering the measure.
  consider alternative 9.22   Consider alternatives.
  consider move 8.76   The bank said it was considering the move.
  consider charge 7.90   Arson charges are being considered.
  consider sanction 7.77   Washington is considering sanctions.
  consider question 7.64   Consider the questions.
  consider retirement 7.64   Maxey is considering retirement.
  consider plan 7.57   Plans are being considered.
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