government consider 72.48   The government has considered various possible scenarios.
  company consider 39.63   The company will consider furloughing a small number of workers.
  official consider 38.12   Did officials consider children in college?
  administration consider 16.85   The administration is considering two approaches.
  authority consider 16.39   The authorities considered him subversive.
  people consider 14.68   But people considered it the future.
  court consider 12.64   The court is still considering the matter.
  state consider 12.18   Ten states are considering caning.
  agency consider 11.13   The agency is considering the idea.
  board consider 10.07   The board is considering shutting it down.
  group consider 9.81   Militant group considers truce.
  leader consider 9.74   Balkan leaders consider Western aid plans.
  analyst consider 9.55   Analysts consider a spinoff unlikely.
  lawmaker consider 9.41   Lawmakers still are considering tougher rules.
  committee consider 9.15   Two committees are considering the issue.
  judge consider 8.10   A judge is now considering the case.
  investor consider 8.03   Investors might consider it differently.
  expert consider 7.97   Some experts consider it a fake.
  country consider 7.70   Others countries are considering legislation.
  police consider 7.24   Police were considering the request.
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