consider to be 88.35   What do you consider to be the main problem?
  consider to have 10.60   Miami is considered to have the edge.
  consider to replace 0.53   Clinton gave no indication who was being considered to replace Christopher.
  consider to provide 0.39   Ranbaxy was among the companies being considered to provide AIDS drugs to the program.
  consider to represent 0.39   The press is considered to represent the view of the government.
  consider to help 0.33   He declined to say what measures the government was considering to help the bank.
  consider to belong 0.26   All mineral wealth is considered to belong to the state.
  consider to hold 0.26   Gold is considered to hold its value during economic or political troubles.
  consider to pose 0.26   Jews are not considered to pose a risk, the daily said.
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