economic crisis 203.49   The country now faces an economic crisis.
  financial crisis 136.87   A financial crisis is one thing.
  asian crisis 80.51   But the impacts of the Asian crisis vary greatly.
  political crisis 63.07   The political crisis escalated.
  current crisis 51.94   But he also talks about the current crisis.
  monetary crisis 16.33   Indonesia is not alone in facing this monetary crisis.
  regional crisis 16.06   They took every regional crisis equally seriously.
  latest crisis 14.88   Apple faces its latest crisis this Friday.
  humanitarian crisis 12.57   Angolan government warns of humanitarian crisis.
  constitutional crisis 11.59   Court averts constitutional crisis.
  global crisis 11.06   The global crisis had just detonated.
  new crisis 9.87   New crisis looms.
  international crisis 9.81   I will cause an international crisis.
  banking crisis 9.48   Add to this a looming banking crisis .
  major crisis 9.28   He said Yeltsin wanted a major crisis.
  national crisis 8.76   This is not some national crisis.
  mexican crisis 7.90   Some blame the Mexican crisis.
  deepening crisis 7.64   They discussed the deepening crisis over Iraq.
  fiscal crisis 7.57   Fiscal crisis.
  recent crisis 7.50   The pain of the recent crisis comes first, though.
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